Table of astrological energies

Energy Sign Planet House Element Modality
1 Aries Mars First Fire Cardinal
2 Taurus Venus Second Earth Fixed
3 Gemini Mercury Third Air Mutable
4 Cancer Moon Fourth Water Cardinal
5 Leo Sun Fifth Fire Fixed
6 Virgo Mercury
(modern: also asteroids Ceres and Vesta)
Sixth Earth Mutable
7 Libra Venus
(modern: also asteroids Pallas and Juno)
Seventh Air Cardinal
8 Scorpio Pluto
(traditional: Mars)
Eighth Water Fixed
9 Sagittarius Jupiter
(modern: also Chiron)
Ninth Fire Mutable
10 Capricorn Saturn Tenth Earth Cardinal
11 Aquarius Uranus
(traditional: Saturn)
Eleventh Air Fixed
12 Pisces Neptune
(traditional: Jupiter)
Twelfth Water Mutable