Astrology Reports

An affordable astrological birth chart interpretation

These astrology reports are an affordable alternative to hiring an astrologer to interpret your birth chart.

  • high quality text
  • written by expert astrologers
  • natal reports describe your astrological profile according to the meaning of the planets in the signs and houses and in aspect to each other
  • transit reports describe your upcoming experiences, i.e. how the planetary energies continue to manifest in your own life, based on the relationship between the planets’ positions now and their positions at the time of your birth
  • compiled by software according to the positions of the planets in your own, unique, individual chart

The result is a personalized astrology report about your unique potential in terms of…

  • your personality, tendencies, needs and interests;
  • the areas of life in which you are most likely to experience certain aspects of your being;
  • and what your gifts and challenges might be as you try to integrate what can sometimes be contradictory tendencies.

The following astrological profile reports (natal chart interpretations) are $18.75 each. Or save 15% when you bundle a report with a custom made Astrology Art Chartwheel!

The transit reports are $3/month for an ongoing monthly subscription, or pay $25 (save 30%) when you buy an annual report.

To order, just fill in the birth data in our online Birth Data form, then choose the report(s) you want from among the custom-generated Add to Cart buttons.

For your own self-discovery? Or a gift for a loved one?

Whether you’re looking for entertainment, your own personal growth, or just need a unique gift for someone you know, you’re sure to find an astrology report to suit the purpose among the following:

  • Life Path

    An interpretation of your personality by astrologer Anne Mogul, this personalized astrology report describes the potential in your own individual life. Use it to understand the energies in yourself that you are already aware of, and to discover how you can apply your potential in the material, psychological and spiritual realms of your unique life path.

  • Child*Star

    Perfect for parents, whether of a newborn baby, a toddler, an older child or a teen (or even for yourself as you explore your inner child), this specialized astrology report is written for the caregiver of a child rather than the child him/herself. It helps parents understand the child’s behaviours and tendencies in terms of energies that may be different from the parent’s own, and guide the child to the most positive expression of those energies in a supportive and nurturing way. The text is written by professional astrologer, mother, and Montessori teacher, Kathie Garcia, who provides suggestions to help you parent your unique little star in the way that is best suited to his/her personality and potential.

  • Just For Women

    This report is geared to today’s woman because our modern world provides a context for a person’s personality traits and tendencies that is different for women than for men. Written by Gloria Star, the text of this report flows seamlessly and captures the issues perceptively. This would make a wonderful gift for any woman interested in knowing herself better.

  • Evolving Sky

    This transit report tells you what energies you can expect, and which dates you can expect them, in the coming month or year. With wise advice on how to manage challenges and take advantage of favourable times in the areas of life that are affected: relationships, communication, finances, etc.

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To order, just fill in the birth data in our online Birth Data form, then choose the report(s) you want from among the custom-generated Add to Cart buttons.