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When you want a web site that ethically conveys your brand and values, and is well crafted artistically and technically, you can find all the help you need at Heartwood Web Design, the web design and development branch of Zoetic Endeavours.

Artistic Web Design and Ethical Web Development

The Zoetic Endeavours web site is an example of the quality of web design we offer, and reflects the care, artistic vision and technical knowledge we apply to creating a web site that we endeavour to make all of the following:

See our portfolio and testimonials for examples of various styles.

For your web hosting needs, please consider signing up for green hosting. We will be glad to help you set up your account if you prefer we take care of it for you.

Our standards of web design:

Visually appealing

With a background in fine arts, graphic design and visual merchandising, our web designer Marian Buchanan has an artistic eye and imagination to combine layout, colours and images in a visually appealing way.

Whether you are…

  • a business needing a professional web presence that conveys your corporate image;
  • an organization needing to reach its target audience with the right visual support for its message;
  • or simply an individual looking for personal webpages that express your individuality,

…we would be glad to create the look that’s uniquely right for you.

Easy to use

We believe your web site needs to be user friendly, otherwise your visitors may get frustrated and perhaps never return. We will design your site to be well-organized and easy to navigate so that your visitors will have no trouble finding the content they’re looking for.

Easy to find

A web site is not of much use if your prospective clients or potential visitors can’t find it in a web search. Certain principles of design, coding and content writing need to be applied during the designing stage if your web site is to appear high up enough in the search results for a user to actually see your listing and click on it. At Zoetic Endeavours, we keep ourselves informed of changing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices so that we can design and maintain your site to be well promoted and easy to find. All our SEO measures are purely “white hat”: no sneaky tactics that might get your site penalized by the search engines, only ethical application of the search engines’ criteria and our own ethical standards for effective and trustworthy communication.

Functional in all browsers

We also keep ourselves up to date with coding best practices so that your web site will be compliant with current web standards yet still function on outdated browsers and non-standard web devices.

Accessible to the disabled

We recommend complying as well with accessibility standards to accommodate your web visitors with disabilities such as visual impairments.


We offer our web design services at affordable prices, starting at $200 Canadian for a basic design on a small site of two or three simple pages with design-ready graphics. A site with more text or graphics to prepare will cost more, according to the complexity of the design and the amount of work involved. We will be glad to provide a free estimate based on the information you supply.

Green web hosting

Ethical Hosting. Green Hosting. Social Conscience.We are proudly green hosted by Ethical Host. If you would like to have environmentally friendly web hosting for your own website, you can sign up here.

We would be glad to help you with your technical set-up as needed.

How can we help you?

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