Zoetic Endeavours order form for Greetings

Send completed forms with payment to:
Zoetic Endeavours, PO Box 3049 Stn B, London ON N6A 4H9, Canada

greeting number greeting quantity as printed greetings printed on which cards? quantity as removable inserts
  Happy Birthday      
  Merry Christmas      
  May your Solstice season be warm and bright      
  Season's Greetings      

subtotal (quantity of both types x $0.10)_____________

If ordering cards at the same time as these greetings or inserts, please enter the above subtotal on the main order form and calculate all shipping and taxes together on that form. (We will still need to receive this form as well, for the information on it.)

If ordering only removable inserts and no cards, please complete the calculations below:

inserts subtotal (quantity x $0.10)_____________

shipping (10%, minimum $1.00)_____________

Ontario residents: HST (13%)_____________

Other Canadian provinces GST (5%)_____________

Total (amount enclosed):_____________

Ship to:

Name: _________________________________________

Address : _______________________________________


Phone: ________________ Email: ___________________