Art for Meditation and Healing

Lotus copyright Marian Buchanan

Spiritual art
for Meditation and Healing

Available as note cards, prints, calendars, T-shirts, mugs, and more

These images can be used for meditation, visualization and healing. You might, for instance, choose the print size for hanging on your wall where you can see it every day and feel uplifted by the sight of it. Or place it before you as you do a seated concentration meditation with open eyes, allowing the image and colours to work on your subconscious and energy levels.

Heart Glow copyright Marian Buchanan

Of course, you can also send them as greeting cards, or enjoy them simply for their beauty!

All of the art products made with these images (T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, and much more) are also perfect for giving as gifts – for Christmas, birthdays, or any other gift-giving occasion.

If there is a particular image you’d like to have on a particular product on which it’s not yet published, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll create it for you and send you the link to its order page as soon as it’s ready.

Follow the links to find out what art products are available for each image:

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