Astrological Energies

Breaking Free – Aquarius
© Marian Buchanan

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Zodiac Art Cards and Prints

The watercolours in the Astrological Energies series are illustrations of the “pure” energies represented by the 12 Signs of the Zodiac.

In anyone’s birth chart, these energies interact and mitigate each other’s expressions. Thus, no one expresses “purely” the energies described – although some people will find an uncanny affinity with the personification if that Sign is strongly emphasized in their chart.

The choice of male or female personification is based on the traditional association of Fire and Air signs with the masculine and of Water and Earth with the feminine. Like all of the imagery involved, this needs to be understood in symbolic terms.

Many people prefer to use the cards and prints for the principle illustrated rather than for the zodiac sign.

Size and price

The illustrations are printed as art notecards by offset on partially recycled paper and come with an envelope and a removable insert describing the symbolism of the image.

Size in inches: 4 3/4 by 6 1/8.

Price: $4.50