Astrology Products and Services

Interpreting Your Birthchart booklet

Zoetic Endeavours offers astrology products and services for individuals, astrologers and retailers.

  • Astrological Energies – zodiac art cards and prints
    Watercolour illustrations of the 12 signs of the zodiac, available as notecards or prints suitable for framing. (Great for birthday cards and gifts!)
  • Art chartwheel
    Your personal natal chartwheel rendered artistically in the form of a print suitable for framing.
  • Personal Astrological Data – leaflet
    The raw data of your own personal birth chart: planetary positions and aspects, in chartwheel and list forms.
  • Interpreting your birth chart – booklet
    A booklet explaining the different factors involved in chart interpretation, with a “decoder” section listing keywords. Serves as a guide to your chartwheel and Personal Astrological Data.
  • Astrology reports: your astrological profile
    Several written reports to choose from, including a report that is Just For Women; and the Child*Star report to help parents know what to expect and how to guide their own unique child to his or her best potential. These astrological reports are computer-generated but high quality, with text written by expert astrologers.
  • Astrology readings: birth chart interpretation services
    A written report created uniquely for you on the basis of an integrative, human interpretation of your personal birth chart.
  • Art chartwheels of famous people
    Ready-made natal chart wheels of selected famous people, rendered artistically in the form of prints suitable for framing as “inner portraits” of people you admire.
  • Birth data form to fill out before ordering any custom-made astrology products or services. The form generates custom-made Add to Cart buttons that include all your birth data so that your order is properly filled with all the correct information necessary to create your personalized reports and charts.

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