Interpreting your birth chart

This 32-page booklet explains the different factors involved in astrological natal chart interpretation. It includes a "decoder" section listing interpretation keywords, and serves as a guide to interpreting chartwheels and Personal Astrological Data leaflets purchased from Zoetic Endeavours. You can order Interpreting your birth chart with or without your birth chart itself.

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More than a Sun Sign

You probably already know which zodiac sign is associated with your birthday. You might also know what personality traits are usually associated with that sign. Perhaps you can identify with such a description and therefore believe there may be some validity to astrology. On the other hand, perhaps the description doesn’t really seem to fit, in which case you may be inclined to dismiss astrology as just a parlour game.

In reality, the birthday sign is only the Sun sign and is not, by itself, the whole astrological picture of who you are. (How could it be? That would mean there are only 12 personalities in the world.) Although the Sun does indeed represent one of the most significant components of your total self, nevertheless, like all of us, you won’t experience and express your Sun sign’s energy in its purest form, because it interacts and mixes to some degree with the other dimensions of your being. These are represented by the Moon and the other planets, as detailed on pages 20-21.

Technically, of course, the sun and the moon aren’t planets but, for the sake of brevity, we sometimes include them under this term along with the planets from Mercury to Pluto. Some astrologers also include certain asteroids in their analysis.

Each of the planets was in a different position in the sky at the time of your birth, and they may therefore be in different zodiac signs. Those positions, expressed in degrees of the zodiac circle, are listed in your Personal Astrological Data leaflet, and indicated on your chartwheel by pictures of the planets. As you can see, then, the question, “What’s your sign?”, should really be, “What are your signs?”.

It’s not just the planets that contribute to this multiplicity: there are other points of astrological significance as well (p. 23). The most important of these is the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. Along with the Sun and the Moon, it represents one of the major energies with which your personality is coloured.

The Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac that’s on the Earth’s eastern horizon at the time and place of your birth. It defines the horizontal axis of the chart.

But if your astrological portrait isn’t based on just a Sun sign, neither is it simply a collection of several signs each describing the self as a whole. (How could it be? That would mean everyone has multiple personalities.)

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