Children’s Books

Jesse’s Dream Skirt

Jesse is a little boy who likes to wear things that “whirl, twirl, flow and glow.” He dreams of a perfect skirt that fits him just right and has lots of colors that flow together when he spins. His mother helps him make his dream skirt and he wears it to daycare. How will the other children react?

First published by Lollipop Power in 1979, this version of the author’s story has become a sought-after classic in progressive and anti-bullying education circles. In 1999, it was included in the lesson plan guide Preventing Prejudice, used in schools. Out of print for decades, it had been very hard to find an affordable copy – until now. The late author’s brothers and the book’s original illustrator are pleased to bring you a new edition, under the Zoetic Endeavours imprint, just in time to mark the 40th anniversary of the first book publication.

To read more about the story, the topics it addresses, the controversy it has raised, and the making of the illustrations, see the Jesse’s Dream Skirt Project section of the blog.

Colouring Books

Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas

Each volume of “mandala” designs in the Color Your Way series of coloring books contains the following:

  • 30 beautiful designs
  • created specifically with coloring in mind
  • hand-drawn and then assembled into kaleidoscope patterns
  • each around 7” in diameter
  • printed on one side of the page

Take The Path of Coloring to find…

JOY: re-experience as an adult the joys of coloring that you knew as a child.

FLOW: enter the state of serenity that comes from deep absorption in the artistic task.

RELAXATION: color your way to stress relief as you put aside your daily worries.

CREATIVITY: choose your own colors, add your own lines, give each mandala a title or caption… color your way.

Will you use each colored mandala as a tool for meditation, display it on your wall for décor, or leave it in the book to admire as an album of beautiful art? It’s up to you! Enjoy!