Bright Wishes

Bright Wishes

Do you wish on stars? Or maybe your wishes ARE stars. Like this little boy sitting on a crescent moon with a handful of strings attached to stars like balloons, you could gather a bunch of your wishes to take with you wherever you go — not the kind of wish that’s pining and wishful-thinking, but the kind of Bright Wishes that illuminate your best envisioning of what your life can be.

This image is from a watercolour painting I made quite a few years ago. The organic-looking speckling is made by sprinkling salt onto the paint while it’s still wet. I’ve been meaning to prepare the digital version of it for poster printing, and can make it available on Zazzle if anyone is interested.

I brought it out today to serve as an electronic birthday card for a friend. Feel free to share it with your own birthday friends as well, if it suits, or just anyone you want to show it to. The copyright notice is there to remind people they don’t have permission to print it or sell it, but I don’t mind if you spread it electronically for others to see and enjoy. In fact, that would be great!

– Marian

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