Art cards and prints

Visionary fine art and decorative images

Do you love to have beautiful pictures on your wall, or send inspiring images to your friends?

We have some visionary fine art and decorative paintings that might interest you. They are available directly from us as…

  • greeting cards
  • blank notecards
  • framable prints

All of these images are also gradually being made available on Zazzle as T-shirts, mugs, calendars, mousepads, and other printed fine art gifts.

There are currently 6 different lines of artwork:

Astrological Energies

A series of 12 watercolours illustrating the energies of the 12 signs of the zodiac. As greeting cards and prints, they come with an explanation of the symbolism of the image.

Nature and Spirit

A sense of spirit emerges as female forms mingle with water and wood in these symbolic pictures from the imagination of the artist.

Meditation and Healing

Images for use in meditation, visualization and healing.

Decorative Art

Simple but pleasant art designs.

Seasonal Art

Christmas angels and Solstice snowflakes.

Art for a Cause

Messages and images to uplift and inspire. Some proceeds go to not-for-profit organizations.