Want a free sample colouring sheet?

Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas p.9Are you an avid colourist looking for new designs to colour? I thought I’d contribute some beautiful mandalas to the colouring book scene, to help you immerse yourself meditatively in the artistic task and find your Flow.

Introducing Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas, my inaugural book in a series of hopefully many more to come. (You can never have too many designs to colour, right?)

To help you know whether or not this is a style you’d enjoy colouring, I’m giving away a free sample design from the book. All you need to do to get it, is right-click on this image and select “Save Link As…” to download it to your computer.

You may print out the design for your own household’s colouring use as many times as you wish. To share it with friends or family outside of your household, just link them to this page so they can download their own copy.

Show us what you’ve done!

Once you’ve printed and coloured a copy of the design, take a scan or photo of it and let the rest of us know how it turned out!

Share in the comments or on Facebook. I’m on several of the Facebook colouring groups, and you can also message me through the Zoetic Endeavours Facebook page.

(Remember to ask for my permission if you want to share anywhere else. You MAY NOT share on Pinterest. Their Terms of Service don’t provide adequate copyright protection.)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

~ Marian