Colour Your Way to Serenity

A Colouring Book for Grown-ups

Colouring books aren’t just for children anymore. Many adults have recently been re-discovering the joys of colouring pictures and designs made for that purpose.

For children, the pleasure is often in playing with colours, co-creating a picture, and mastering their fine motor skills. For grown-ups, the joy of colour and picture-making is also part of the appeal, but there’s also another dimension to the activity. Absorption in the artistic task can be very calming, relaxing, and therapeutic. It serves as a meditation in which you don’t have to sit still.

I thought I’d contribute some beautiful mandalas to help the community of avid colourists find their Flow and end up with something worthy of being hung on the wall.

Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas (Volume 1) is the inaugural volume of the Color Your Way series. I hope to create many more volumes to follow — you can never have too many designs for your passion!

Want a sample colouring sheet?

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Want more than just a sheet? Buy the whole book!

Color Your Way to Serenity with Mandalas contains 30 different designs, each printed on one side of the page. You can get all 30 designs by buying the colouring book on Amazon. (You can combine your purchase with other items to take advantage of free shipping on orders over a minimum amount).

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Don’t forget to tell me what you think of the designs. What do you like about them? What would you like to see changed?

And show me your colouring results! I’m on several of the Facebook colouring groups (tag me there!), and you can also message me through the Zoetic Endeavours Facebook page.