Astrological Art Chartwheel

When you order an astrological birth chart from Zoetic Endeavours, you can receive it in the form of a custom-made Astrological Art Chartwheel — a beautiful print suitable for framing.

Astrological Energies
Art Chartwheel
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Simple Art Chartwheel

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AstrologyBabies ArtChart

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The circular birth chart, or chartwheel, is the traditional way of displaying the positions of the planets, Sun, Moon, Ascendant and other points of astrological significance, as they appeared on the zodiac at the time and place of your birth.

Conventional chartwheels are circular line charts rendered in black and white with coloured lines indicating the planetary aspects. Signs and planets are usually indicated by their glyphs.

Art chartwheels, on the other hand, are artistically rendered as coloured images. Choose between our three types of Astrological Art Chartwheels:

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Simple Art Chartwheel

An artistic version of your personal birth chart

  • artistically rendered
  • in full colour
  • coloured glyphs and aspect lines on a beautifully designed chartwheel and background image
  • your name and birth data displayed
  • house cusps displayed
  • houses sized to appear visually equal
  • comes with a Personal Astrological Data leaflet with a legend of the glyphs

Astrological Energies illustrated Art Chartwheel

An illustrated version of your personal birth chart

  • artistically rendered
  • in full colour
  • planet pictures, not glyphs
  • 3 of your Signs illustrated:
    your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant
  • your Moon Nodes Dragon
  • your name and birth data displayed
  • unequally-sized houses delineated at their actual degree of the zodiac circle
  • comes with a Personal Astrological Data leaflet with a legend of the planet pictures

The Astrological Energies illustrated Art Chartwheels by Zoetic Endeavours are artistically rendered in colour and surrounded by three images illustrating the signs of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. A line image of a dragon serves as a backdrop to the inner circle and indicates the North and South Nodes of the Moon, known respectively as the Mouth and Tail of the Dragon. On the outer rim of the wheel, the 12 zodiac signs are indicated by name and a small colourful icon of their element (Earth,Water, Fire, Air). Planets are displayed as small stylized versions of the way they appear to the eye through a strong telescope, while the Sun and Moon are represented slightly more symbolically. You will easily recognize the larger celestial bodies. To help you distinguish between the smaller ones, the legend for these pictures is in the Personal Astrological Data leaflet that accompanies the chartwheel. The customized leaflet also provides the exact degree of each planet’s position in its sign, and reiterates its aspects with other planets or astrological points.

Formats, sizes, and prices

When you place an order for an Astrological Art Chartwheel, you receive it in the form of a downloadable PDF file. You can…

  • simply enjoy it on-screen, without printing;
  • print it directly with your own computer printer (we recommend using water- and light-resistant inks) so you can display it as a poster or print on your wall (with or without matting and framing);
  • or upload it to Zazzle to create any number of printed products with it (T-shirts, mugs, mouse-pads,… as well as prints and posters suitable for wall display).


Zazzle options:

Zazzle prices are in addition to the PNG file. The products created with the PNG on Zazzle are ordered separately. Prices vary according to the product.

You may only use your own custom-made Art Chartwheel on Zazzle, not the ready-made chartwheels. You have two options:

  • Use your own Zazzle account to upload your PNG file and create as many products for yourself as you wish (create them as private products, not products for sale to others). If you don’t already have one, you can get your free Zazzle account here
  • Ask us to create a private sale for you with our Zazzle account instead of getting an account of your own. Just email us your request, or leave a message in the PayPal “instructions to merchant” box when ordering your PDF file, letting us know which Zazzle product you’d like us to create for you. We will then email you the link to the private order page for that product customized with your Art Chartwheel.

Your Personal Astrological Data leaflet

A Personal Astrological Data leaflet accompanies the Astrological Art Chartwheel and serves as a legend for it. The leaflet contains the raw data of your natal chart: the planetary positions and aspects from which your birth chart can be rendered. The configuration of all of them combined is unique to your place and time of birth, so each leaflet and Art Chartwheel is published uniquely for each person.

Interpreting your chartwheel

To understand your chart, you will need to know the meanings of the planets, zodiac signs and houses, and how to interpret the relationships between them. Zoetic Endeavours has published a booklet to help you explore the meaning of your birth chart. Interpreting your birth chart covers the basics to help you learn birth chart interpretation from scratch.

Alternatively, you can order a custom generated astrology report, with text written by expert astrologers, compiled by computer software according to the placement of the planets in your own individual chart.

Or, if you prefer a more intuitive reading, we can provide a customized astrology birth chart interpretation for you.