Personal Astrological Data

When you order an astrological birth chart from Zoetic Endeavours, you receive a Personal Astrological Data leaflet containing the raw data of the natal chart you ordered.

The raw data of your birth chart

The Personal Astrological Data leaflet provides the planetary positions and aspects from which the birth chart can be rendered. The configuration of all of them combined is unique to the person’s place and time of birth, so each leaflet is custom-made and published uniquely for each person.

The Personal Astrological Data leaflet accompanies the art chartwheel available from Zoetic Endeavours and serves as a legend for it. A small version of the chartwheel is printed on the inside cover of the leaflet for easy reference.

Interpreting your data

The Personal Astrological Data leaflet provides only the raw data needed to render the birth information as a chartwheel. To understand the chart, however, you will need to know the meanings of the planets, zodiac signs and houses, and how to interpret the relationships between them. Zoetic Endeavours has published a booklet to help you explore the meaning of the birth chart you ordered (or received as a gift!). Interpreting your birth chart covers the basics to help you learn birth chart interpretation from scratch.

Or, if you prefer, we can provide a customized birth chart interpretation for you.