Astrological Energies – Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. This watercolour illustration of the Virgoan astrological energy is available as a notecard or a print. As a card, it comes with a removable insert on which the text below is printed. As a print, the text describing the symbolism of the art is included under the image.

© Marian Buchanan

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Working Efficiently

The Earth of Virgo is the ground on which her feet are firmly planted. Analyzing, sorting and filing, Virgo engages in meticulous, detailed work with patience and efficiency. Her practicality also manifests in service to others, particularly the sick. More than sympathy, she administers down-to-earth, physical care: a meal, some medecine, or a quilt to keep you warm.

Virgo: Mutable Earth

The Sun is in Virgo between August 24 and September 23

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