Astrological Energies – Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. This watercolour painting illustrates the Cancerian astrological energy as described in the text below. The art is available as a print and as a notecard. The text about its symbolism comes with the card as a removable insert. On the print, it is included under the image.

© Marian Buchanan

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Nurturing Protectively

The Waters of Cancer are the Life-sustaining waters of the ocean. Moods ebb and flow with the pull of lunar sensitivity. Illuminated by her love, Cancer cradles and nourishes her baby with the milk of her caring. She protects her own vulnerability with a hard shell. Like that of the crab, it provides some armour but leaves her heart and belly soft.

Cancer: Cardinal Water

The Sun is in Cancer between June 23 and July 23

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