Astrological Energies – Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This watercolour illustration of the Arian astrological energy is available as an art notecard or a print. The text below, describing the symbolism of the zodiac art, is included under the image on the print and comes with the card as a removable insert.

© Marian Buchanan

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Asserting Desire

The Fire of Aries is the burning flame of danger and the heat of passion. He has the physical vitality and courage (-or rashness-) to face the fiery obstacle with unprotected body. His nakedness is also the innocent directness of the newborn’s contact with the world. Like the infant’s, his relations to the world are uncallously and unselfconsciously self-centred. He goes after the treasure of what he wants, directly and impulsively.

Aries: Cardinal Fire

The Sun is in Aries between March 22 and April 20

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