Business to Business Arrangements

We have several business opportunities for several types of businesses:

Retailers Welcome!

Looking for wholesale art prints or greeting cards?

If you own or manage a store, we would be glad to give you a retailer’s discount on a minimum order, and list your store as a distributor on our website, with a link to your own website if you have one.

Please contact us to make arrangements. Thank you!

Catering to your market

Here are some of the types of retail outlets we believe cater to a market that would appreciate our art and astrology products:

  • New Age gift stores
  • New Age bookstores
  • gift and card shops
  • flower shops
  • art gallery stores
  • art and poster stores
  • yoga centres
  • healing centres
  • anywhere cards are sold

Astrologers Welcome!

For the purposes of the following business opportunities, we consider you to be a professional astrologer if you offer astrological services for a fee and advertise that fact. Assuming this is the case, possible arrangements include the following:

  • Retailer’s discount

    As a professional astrologer with clients, you can receive a retailer’s discount on a minimum order of our cards and prints. It’s up to you whether to offer them for re-sale to your clients as a store would do, or include them in your astrology services as part of a package.

  • Astrologer’s discount

    If you would like to offer your clients their birth charts as beautifully illustrated Art Chartwheels instead of conventional glyph & graph charts, we would be glad to offer you a discount on all Art Chartwheels you order from us for your clients.

  • Coupons for your clients

    If you prefer that your clients order directly from us but would like to offer them added value with your astrology services, you can offer them discounts on Zoetic Endeavours products through coupons available to you for free. Your clients can then redeem them when they order directly from us.

  • Inclusion on our list of distributors (with link)

    If you offer our products to your clients in any of the above arrangements, we would be glad to add you to our upcoming list of distributors, in the astrologers’ section. If you have a web site, your link will be included; otherwise, just your location and a way to contact you (phone number, email address).

  • Recommendations and Referrals

    As an extra service to our web visitors, we would like to offer recommendations about the quality of the astrologers we list. We will also preferentially refer to those with Recommended status anyone who seeks interpretation services to go along with the Art Chartwheels they have ordered directly from us.

    Astrologers who qualify for the Recommended status are those whose interpretation of a sample chart reflects a certain mastery of the art and of the ability to communicate the resulting message. If you would like to receive the Recommended status and referrals, please contact us. We will supply you with a place, date and time of birth for which we would like you to submit a sample interpretation.

Affiliate marketers

Did you know you can get a commission on our Zazzle products?

If you sign up with Zazzle (for free!), you will automatically be given an affiliate number to use for promoting the products created by any Zazzlers whose work you like — including Zoetic Endeavours products! If you’re interested but don’t already have an account with Zazzle, please follow our own special link to their site. It won’t cost you anything! and it’s a good way to acknowledge our referral as helpful. Here’s the link: Nature & Spirit Art and Astrology products: organic cotton T-shirts, mugs, calendars, mousepads, organic cotton tote bags, and more!

(Note: If you’ve never done any affiliate marketing, please ask for our help before you get started. Otherwise you might get caught up in all the manipulative marketing there is around this type of business, and waste a lot of time and money.)