Astrology Art Chartwheels of famous people

Aside from custom-made art chart wheels made to order for individuals like yourself, Zoetic Endeavours also offers ready-made art chartwheels of certain famous people. These are available as PDF files which you can print (and frame, if you wish), so you can hang them on your wall as “inner portraits” of the people you admire.

Famous people whose art chartwheels are available so far:

  • Albert Einstein


Artistically rendered astrology birth chart

The chartwheel (circular birth chart) is the traditional way of showing the positions of all the points of astrological significance such as the planets, Sun, Moon, Ascendant, etc., as they appeared on the band of constellations known as the zodiac, at the time and place of the person’s birth.

Conventionally, chartwheels are rendered as line charts in black and white, with the planetary aspects indicated by coloured lines. Signs and planets are most often indicated by their glyphs.

The Astrological Energies illustrated Art Chartwheels by Zoetic Endeavours are different: they are artistic collages that include not only a full colour chart but also three images illustrating the person’s Sun sign, Moon sign, and Ascendant. In the background of the inner circle, the image of a dragon indicates the North Node of the Moon (the Mouth of the Dragon) and the South Node of the Moon (the Dragon’s Tail). The outer band of the wheel shows the 12 zodiac signs, indicated by name and accompanied by a small colourful icon showing the associated element (Earth,Water, Fire, and Air). The planets are shown as more or less stylized pictures of the corresponding celestial bodies. The legend for these pictures is included, in the form of an Astrological Data leaflet that comes with the chart wheel. The birth-specific leaflet also shows the exact degree occupied by each planet in its sign, and its aspects with other planets or astrological points.

The art chartwheel is delivered as a downloadable and printable PDF file.

Price: $8.50 for a ready-made art chartwheel of a famous person from our list.
(Custom-made Astrological Energies Art Chartwheels are $55.00. Or you can get a custom-made Simple Art Chartwheel for $8.50.)