part 3: Discover Your Healing Hands


Can anyone heal with bio energy?

We all come into this world with the basic workings of human physiology. Even when there are departures from the physiological norm, every human has the basic components of our species’ biology: flesh and bones and nerves and organs…

Bio energy — chi, qi, prana,… the energy detected and manipulated by acupuncture — is an integral part of that basic blueprint. So it stands to reason that everyone has the potential to use that energy in any ways it can be used by others.

If you’ve never explored energy work before, I’d like to introduce you to that journey. Feel free to sign up for my Body Mind Energy newsletter. And meanwhile, here are some experiments you can do to get started.


Rub your hands together briskly for a few minutes. This stimulates the nerves and blood circulation in your hands, and also creates some static electricity through friction. You’re likely to feel this as a tingling.

Building a bond

Now hold your hands an inch apart, with palms facing each other. Breathe slowly, deeply and steadily, with a slight constriction in your throat muscles to regulate the volume of breath passing in and out. Do you feel a sensation as if your hands were connected by an invisible bond? If you don’t sense it spontaneously, imagine it: as if the air between your hands were thicker and pulsing with current, like an electromagnetic field.

As you breathe in, allow your hands to move a little further away from each other. As you breathe out, allow them to move closer again. What happens to the bond? Does it feel stronger as you move in, as if it were being compressed? Does it pull on you when you move apart? On the in-breath, move apart only as far as you can while still feeling the bond, no further. Keep using the breath to build the strength of the bond. As it builds, you’ll be able to move further apart on each inhalation.

Moving within the field

Once it feels strong enough to maintain, play around with it:

  • bounce it in and out, letting it stretch and pull like an elastic band;
  • rotate your hands 180 degrees in relation to each other, so that the fingertips of one hand are facing the wrist of the other;
  • slowly rotate in the other direction to the same degree;
  • move the palm of one hand over the back of the other, then alternate hands and keep the movement going in smooth circular motions; then change directions.

~ Marian


2 thoughts on “part 3: Discover Your Healing Hands

  1. I just saw the energy exercise w/ rubbing the hands together and could feel what you were describing. THANK YOU! Maybe you can help though, what is it and what is happening when your hands move on their own w/o grounding, rubbing or any ceremony…? What is it when 2 invisible magnets are guiding your hands slowly but strongly? Even with your exercise my hands immediately folded over the energy but no one I talk to knows what that is. Do you have any idea?

    1. Hi Sarah

      It sounds like you’re describing what I call “Hand Dances” (although I’m not sure I understand what movement or sensation you’re describing when you say your hands “folded over the energy.” Can you describe it in different words?)

      When my hands move spontaneously in that way, I take it as an expression of innate biological wisdom. What I mean by that is that bio-energy is involved in healing (and also simply expressing Life), and the body does all this healing (and manifestation of the vital) without our conscious intervention.

      For example, we don’t direct our cells in their functions, it’s just their “nature,” so to speak, to “know” what to do. Our conscious role is to remove obstacles to healing, perhaps sometimes add a boosting factor, but basically “we” don’t do our body’s healing, it’s our biology that does. I mean that in the broadest sense, which encompasses the bio-energetic.

      So perhaps sometimes there is a need for energy to move in a certain path for optimal alignment with health (or the play of Life), and these Hand Dances may be the expression of that biological (or bio-energetic) self-regulation.

      I think most people may be conditioned by upbringing to try to stay in apparent control of their bodies, and so may resist the urge to move in this way if they sense the urge at all, or may have blockages that are stronger than the subtle energy responsible for Hand Dance movements and therefore may not sense the energy in the first place, let alone allow it to manifest. So that may be why no one you’ve talked to knows what it is.


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