Footprints on the Path of a Thousand and Eight Tears

Jai Uttal ~ Footprints

One of my favourite music albums is Footprints by Jai Uttal. I discovered it years ago when I worked at the Mandala Book Shop, where we played the music we sold — partly for background ambiance and partly for customers to sample what was available. I fell in love with the rhythms and soul-calling feel of the Footprints album, and I’ve since used it frequently at home to dance myself into an uplifted state.

So when my old cassette Walkman chewed up the tape of it that I’d had for 20 years, I knew I had to find the mp3 version and buy an mp3 player. Yes, this is what brought me into the 21st century when it comes to audio technology.

If you go to the link I’ve provided above, you’ll be able to listen to samples of the songs and instrumentals, and buy the album yourself if you like it even half as much as I do. You’ll find it to be a mix of Indian sounds (harmonium, tabla, dotar), jazz (with jazz musician Don Cherry), and electronic. One of my favourite songs is “Raghupati,” a traditional Indian prayer that Jai has re-worked. Lakshmi Shankar joins him in the vocals.

You don’t have to be into traditional yoga or Hinduism to appreciate the way this Bhakti Yogi’s music stirs the body, energizes the heart, and uplifts spirit.

Jai Uttal’s most recent musical piece is a single called “Parikrama – The Path Of A Thousand And Eight Tears…” and is available on a Name Your Price basis — you can even download it for free if you wish, right from the link below. But who can’t afford at least one dollar? Listen to it freely and, if you like it, support Jai by following the link below to the bandcamp page where you can Buy Now at a price you determine yourself.

Parikrama – The Path Of A Thousand And Eight Tears…. by Jai Uttal

May your spirit be uplifted and your body set to dancing with joy!