Radiating the energized heart


Like all of the fractal mandalas included in the Seasons of the Soul calendar, this is more than just a colourful design. It’s an intuitively-created, energy-stirring mandala for meditation. Both the name and the energy description came out of a sensing of what the colours and design were conveying to me.

In the calendar, this particular fractal mandala illustrates the month of August, as there is a certain affinity with the energy of Leo. But feel free to use it for contemplation meditation regardless of astrological associations: it relates to the Heart, which is universal.

You can also enjoy it for its aesthetics, as a poster on the wall — although I suspect you won’t be able to help yourself feeling affected by it (positively) on an energetic level as well. Allow it to uplift and energize you as your eyes get drawn to it, passing by it as you go about your day.

And please feel free to tell us about your experience of it, in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

~ Marian

This image is also available as a T-shirt.