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Retail Stores, Astrologers, Affiliates

Retailers and professional astrologers can serve as distributors for our products and services. We also have a way for affiliate marketers to earn commissions on some items. For more details, please see our page on Business to Business arrangements.

Payment options


To pay online, click on the Add To Cart buttons to pay through your PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account if you have a credit card — PayPal handles both.

By mail

To pay by mail, send your completed order form along with a cheque or money order in Canadian funds, made to the order of Zoetic Endeavours, to the following address:

Zoetic Endeavours
P O Box 3049 Station B
London ON N6A 4H9

We will be glad to process your order as soon as your cheque has cleared. For quicker service, you may prefer to pay by money order. In either case, please allow for the time it takes for your request to reach us, your order to be filled and your package to travel through the postal service. International mail can take a couple of weeks in either direction. Processing time depends on the number of other orders ahead of your own.

Astrology products and services

When ordering customized astrology products and services, remember to include the name and birth information of the person whose chart it is you are ordering: date of birth (day, month, year), time of birth, and place of birth. For the sake of clarity, please express the month of birth as a name rather than a number.


Any personal information you send in connection with your order or in the process of ordering will never be shared with any other individual, group or business without your consent. By ordering, you give your consent for your information to be shared with the companies involved in the processing (e.g. PayPal).

Customer Service

Our business practices are rooted in the same ethical conscience that informs all of our personal zoetic endeavours. If you encounter any problems in your dealings with us, please do not hesitate to bring them respectfully to our awareness so that a resolution may be found.

Price list

Taxes (13% HST for residents of Ontario) and, if your order is for a physical copy rather than a download, shipping costs (usually 10%, minimum $1.00 for smaller items, $2.00 for larger), will be added to the following prices:

Astrological Energies cards (with envelope and removable insert) $4.50
Other cards (with envelope) $3.50
Letter-size prints $8.50
Greetings – either printed inside the card itself or as a removable insert
(fading- and smudge-resistant when ordered from us)
$0.10 each for a minimum order of $3.50 (before tax and shipping),
or download for free (for non-commercial use only)
Customized Astrological Energies Art Chartwheel (astrological birth chart) with Personal Astrological Data leaflet $55.00
Customized Simple Art Chartwheel (astrological birth chart) with Personal Astrological Data leaflet $8.50
Customized Astrology Babies Art Chartwheel (astrological birth chart) with Child*Star interpretation report $55.00
Personalized computer-generated interpretation report

Your choice of Life Path, Child*Star, or Just For Women

Interpreting Your Birth Chart (32-page booklet) $7.50
Astrology Reading birthchart interpretation report (not computerized) $100.00
Ready-made Art Chartwheel of a famous person $8.50

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